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Siphosihle Fights to Stay – Project Runway SA

29 August 2018
Gert-Johan saves Siphosihle from elimination and we take a look at all of the shade that was thrown in last night's episode.
<p>Siphosihle stays</p>

Designers throwing shade like it's sunny

So many shots were fired last night that not a single designer was left unscathed. It’s either the competition has become so tough that it has spread from the runway to the workroom or there was something in the water. The title for shade-makers in chief goes to our resident drama queen Siphosihle and Kentse, who has the most wins so far in the competition. There was a lot of shady moments to choose from but these are our top two:

  1. The designers finally got a three day challenge after weeks of two day challenges and they were happy because it would give them time to refine their ideas. Sihle was happier than most as he revealed the abuse the glue gun had gone through in the two day challenges by our dearly departed Gift. “It was glue gun that, glue gun this, yoh, Gift was all over that glue gun! It was no joke.” What we can say is at least the glue gun got a chance to rest this week.
  2. Kireshen created a 90’s inspired denim garment with zips and Kentse said this of his outfit: “I don’t know what that is, that is just zips going crazy”.

This is what you had to say about all of the shade:


Siphosihle not backing down

Siphosihle had expressed how cold it was in the bottom two, saying he was out on the streets, where he belonged, with stray cats… the drama right? Anyways, we saw his determination throughout the episode to ensure that his outfit will land up in the bottom two, he was focused and took every bit of advice Gert-Johan gave him.

Unlike last week when his outfit hit the runway he was loving it and confident. It was when the guest judge, Louw Kotze spoke about the disconnect between Siphosihle’s use of diamante shoes with denim did we see The Incredible Hulk Siphosihle come out and we could have never prepared ourselves. He came for Louw like a Putco bus. Siphosihle fought for his narrative of diamonds being African and therefore not inappropriate with a tribal denim design and would have kept going had Lerato not ended the round.

Twitter stands behind Siphosihle:

Siphosihle the stray cat with ten lives

Needless to say Siphosihle found himself in the bottom two again, with bottom two first-timer Stephen. A Project Runway SA curse that Siphosihle didn’t manage to break is that when you are in the bottom twice in a row, it becomes second time unlucky. Elimination came for Siposihle but as he was saying his goodbyes, the mentor with the most, Gert-Johan saved him with his mentor save. Just like that Siphosihle became a stray cat with ten lives as he clawed himself back into the competition. Welcome back Siphosihle!

His fans are happy he is back:

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