Kireshen Chetty

Age: 32 years

Hometown: Pietermaritzburg

According to Kireshen the black dress, good pair of shoes and a belt are needed in any wardrobe and he would choose Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel as his designer spirit-animals. When asked what he can’t live without in his bag he said, ‘my glasses. I’m blind as a bat. On my good days I don’t wear them. On my bad days I don’t as I don’t want to recognize people.’ His love for fashion is maternal inspired, his mother mom studied fashion design hence he grew up in very fashion forward home. On Project Runway he wants to show SA and the world his talent and contribute to the fashion industry. If he wins he hopes to showcase his label SA Fashion Week because he believes that we need to acknowledge our heritage and home first. His ultimate fashion dream is to collaborate with Gianni Versace because he pushed fashion boundaries especially with the bondage dress. His words to live by are, ‘Passion!!! Inspiration! Real is Rare! If it involves fake smiling, I’m not going!’