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Venita and Jordan’s Big Day – OPW

01 October 2018
All the elements that made their 60th wedding anniversary celebration extra special.
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How amazing was it, watching Venita and Jordan renew their vows, marking 60 years of marriage? Nothing beats such milestones in love.

The couple’s grandchildren made sure everything was in good order, from the outfits to the décor and venue. They tried it though, when they suggested they buy Jordan a suit. He didn’t want to hear it! He wanted to wear his old suit, the one he used to marry (he’s a retired pastor) many other couples. It’s of sentimental value to him.

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Venita looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown. It had a matching hat and shoes, ones she and Jordan picked out together. He says they do everything together. How sweet it that? Check out her dress fitting, here.

We gotta give it to their granddaughter, Thembi! She did an amazing job with the décor. She knew her grandparents wouldn’t want something over the top, and asked the décor supplier to add a few elements that would bring out the 1950’s and 60s. The results: Amazing! Check it out below for yourself.  

1537968470 34 screen shot 2018 09 24 at 10.45.43 am

And with that, Venita and Jordan ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had a beautiful 60th anniversary.  

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