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Rosemary and Victors Love Story OPW

13 January 2019
Her first thought upon seeing him was, “He’s so handsome!”
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What do you love most about your partner? For Rosemary, it’s Victor’s smile, plus the fact that he’s loving and caring.

The couple met 14 years ago, while Rosemary was still in college. Her friend knew Victor and so, it was easy for him to get Rosemary’s number from the friend. They had a brief chat over the phone, they hadn’t met at the time.

Victor decided to visit Rosemary at school one day and at the end of the visit, he offered to take her home. Rosemary didn’t mind this at all and they soon became friends.   

Like any other couple, Rosemary and Victor have had their share of challenges. their biggest one was the fact that both families were not too pleased about their relationship at first. Victor had to lie to Rosemary’s father one day, saying he was her college lecturer because he was afraid of how the father would react if he told him he was her boyfriend.

Victor’s family also had several concerns about their relationship. But, their love has overcome all of that and both families realised that these two were meant for each other.   

His proposal in 2005 came as a surprise to Rosemary and she asked that they take things a bit slower. Following year, a persistent Victor asked her to marry him again and this time, she agreed. Lobola was paid in 2007 and tonight, they invite you to come celebrate their union.

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