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Rosemary and Victors Big Day OPW

14 January 2019
All the elements that made their perfect wedding.
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What’s a wedding though without the list of things that would make your special day extra special?

For Rosemary and Victor, the bride’s wedding gown, the rings, as well as the food made it to the list. Now, Victor has quite the taste there, for his ring was a Rolex. Yep, you heard right! A Rolex ring! See below how their ring fitting went.

Every bride wants a wedding gown that will “make traffic stop”, right!? So, it’s no surprise that Rosemary was only content with the second gown she bought. One could tell she and Vele had the fun times at her fitting. Check it out, here.

The day before the wedding is the last day to do final checks and our couple headed over to their caterer Audrey to get a taste of what she’d be serving their guests at the wedding. They opted for a wide range of African cuisine to cater for all their guests coming from the different parts of the continent. See what Audrey whipped up for them below.

And with that, Rosemary and Victor ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had themselves a beautiful wedding.

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