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Neo and Simphiwes Love Story OPW

27 January 2019
He was afraid to tell her how he felt, so just started acting like her boyfriend.
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Neo and Simphiwe have practically lived opposite each other for the longest they could remember. Little did they know that one day, they’d be walking down the aisle together, starting a new chapter in their lives. 

They started out as friends, and they’d go out for movies, attend church activities together etc. the more they hung out together, the more they realised they actually had a lot in common.   

It was only after a while that they had a conversation about dating. This was in December 2008. Simphiwe says he loves the way she makes him feel special and she loves the fact the he’s understanding and caring.

So, this is how he proposed: They were walking to the mall one day and he asked how she would feel if he’d send his uncles to her family? She asked if he was proposing. Then he said, “Yes..” She wonders why he didn’t get on his knees that day though, LOL!

They invited OPW because they have a lot of friends and family who might not be able to attend the wedding, and wanted to share their special day with them.

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