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Monique and Ndumelisos Love Story OPW

20 January 2019
They kept their relationship a secret for a couple of months.
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Monique giggles a little every time she remembers the first time Ndumeliso walked through that door at that training session they both attended.  

She thought, “Wow, this guy has really intense eyebrows!” While they attended the same training session, they hadn’t officially met, nor did he make a move on her. it was only after a week that he sent her an email.

His email was friendly and straight to the point, for he introduced himself and asked if they could be friends. They went out for coffee at some point and that’s when things changed.

Monique says it was the way he looked at her and the way they related to each other that got her interested in him.  

Unfortunately, they had to keep their relationship a secret for a few months. Monique’s father needed a little time to accept their relationship and eventually came around and the couple couldn’t be happier!

To help Monique learn Tshivenda quickly, Ndumeliso bought her a dictionary and she’s learning fast. Tonight, they invite you to join them, as they exchange vows and start a new chapter in their lives.

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