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Lilly and Joshua’s Big Day – OPW

08 October 2018
Everything that made their perfect wedding.
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Joshua surely pulled out all the stops for his wedding. From the décor to the food and the special surprise for Lilly.

Lilly couldn’t stop talking about the surprise, the ride on a limousine with all her bridesmaids. This was a special surprise from their décor supplier, Molly, and we reckon Joshua was also in on it.

In as much as Joshua had big plans for his wedding, he didn’t want to it be over the top and that came through in his suit selection. He went for a simple black and white suit with a bowtie. Check out his suit fitting below.

We’ve seen Tiffany and even ghost chairs on the show, but we were never ready for the butterfly chairs! Yoh! Here’s what we’re talking about.

1538652472 34 butterfly chairs

Sis Molly is always full of surprises neh? Just when our couple thought the décor was out of this world, Molly roped in chef Rehaba, who prepared a scrumptious menu for them. Have you ever seen pumpkin with raisins? Bet you’d like to see that. see it, right here.  

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