Xolane & Koketso

Xolane & Koketso

Xolane and Koketso, aged 32 and 28 respectively, are a match made in heaven! The couple describes their relationship as a jigsaw puzzle that when put together forms “team KX”. The two started dating about nine years ago, in 2006, and although Koketso initially gave Xolane a hard time, he did not relent.

Koketso admits that she was not interested in Xolane at first as she felt that he was not her type, with his chin-ring piercing that turned her off. For six months, Xolane pursued Koketso with texts and phone-calls. It was only when Xolane tricked her into meeting a mutual friend, was he able to lay down his story and wooed her.

In October 2013, Xolane asked for Koketso’s hand in marriage. This is what he says about why he chose to marry Koketso: “They always say that when the right one comes along, you will know and I did. The way she has always been there for me, her understanding, perseverance, her dreams and her ability as a homemaker fitted my image of a good wife.” Koketso says that Xolane reminds her so much of her father; that he is loving and strong and also loves his “rough-around-the-edges” nature.

The couple enjoys being out and about with friends and family, some quiet time at home watching movies with the kids, shopping, cooking and enjoying a tub of ice-cream on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. Koketso says that she hates sleeping alone as the bed is too without Xolane. It is obvious that the two love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.