Siyabonga & Nonhlanhla Image : 131

Siyabonga & Nonhlanhla

Siya and Nonhlanhla met in the most comical of ways. Siya was a taxi driver whose taxi was hired to pick up some people, Nonhlanhla included, at 06:30 and take them to work. But Nhlanhla was never on time. She would always be late, and find Siya having sped off and left her behind.

This made her really mad, and very annoyed at the rude taxi driver. Siya, in turn, was highly annoyed at the lady who was never on time. Both were determined to tear each other a new one when they met. When they did meet, however, Siya was taken by Nonhlanhla and changed his tune, and his plan.

Instead, he asked for her phone number, claiming he wanted it so he could call her when he was on her way, so that she shouldn't get left behind. And so he got her number, but his mission was to get her.

It took him six full months of pursuing her before she gave in, because she thought he was much older, and therefore they'd have nothing in common. An ID and driver's license proved that Siya was not an old man, and a romance started.

They have one child together, and a blessing from the elders to fill their home with more.