Sifiso & Pelaelo

Sifiso & Pelaelo

Sifiso and Pelaelo had a rather slow start to their relationship as Sifiso was not yet ready to commit and settle down with one woman. Pelaelo had to be patient with Sifiso and although their 8 year age gap was of concern to Sifiso, Palaelo was not at all bothered by it.

The couple met in 2006 while Pelaelo was still in school. Initially, Sifiso was turned off by Pelaelo’s age especially because she was younger than his youngest sister.

He had not intended to take their new relationship seriously but that quickly changed when he realised that Pelaelo was in fact a mature, ambitious and caring woman who knew what she wanted in life.

Pelaelo won Sifiso’s heart by supporting him and being his pillar of strength when he most needed her to be just that. Having changed his mind about the relationship, Sifiso decided to make Pelaelo his wife and asked her to marry him.

Pelaelo’s father was a bit taken aback by the proposal but came around in no time and accepted that his daughter would be getting married.

The couple enjoy spending time together and going out to the cinema or for bowling. Pelaelo believes that they are now both ready for marriage.

Sifiso proposed in 2012 but the couple had started the conversation of getting married in 2010. Sifiso appreciates that his woman stood by him through tough times and says that she is his best friend and sister!

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