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Rachel & Jeremiah

Rachel and Jeremiah met many years ago while they were both working at a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. Yep, all the way in the USA. Immediately taken by her beautiful smile that he was never to forget, Jeremiah unabashedly declared to Rachel that she would be the next Mrs Chabalala, even though they had just met. The next day, he repeated his bold statement to her.

Weeks later at a work banquet, they found themselves in an elevator together, and Jeremiah saw his chance. Brazenly flirting, he asked for the sweet that Rachel was sucking on. Rachel didn't hold back herself, she told him he could come and get it from her mouth. And that was how they shared their first kiss.

True to his convictions that he wanted to make Rachel his wife, Jeremiah called home to both his and Rachel's parents to declare his intentions, shocking both families. Lobola negotiations went ahead, and eight years ago, the couple were legally married, but were yet to have their white wedding, which they're taking the opportunity to have on Our Perfect Wedding.