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Neo and Eva

Neo and Eva are a mature couple that met in 2003, whilst Eva was still in school. Eva gave Neo a hard time when he was persuing her as she struggled with the reality of being a taxi driver’s girlfriend. Neo, however, did not give and his persistence paid off.

Their relationship was short-lived as Neo moved back home to Kuruman and the two lost contact. They reunited after a few years and gave their relationship another go.

The years apart had brought on complications and baggage both struggled to be open and honest about. Neo was unhappily married and Eva had had a child.

Although both parties opened up about their baggage and found a way forward together, their families were not thrilled by their union and Eva’s family did not approve of Neo. The two families eventually accepted that Neo and Eva love each other and allowed them to be.

When Neo asked for Eva’s hand in marriage, she agreed because he had been good to her, had never cheated on her, was supportive and she juist loved how shy and sweet he was.

The couple enjoys going to the park with the kids and Eva exclaims that her partner is very romantic as he often takes her out for dinners or when at home, set up a dinner table to enjoy a meal together.

Eva says they don’t dwell on issues; they respect each other and instead of arguing, they sit down and resolve their differences. This has been their secret to a successful relationship.

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