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Mlondi & Mbali

Mlondi (22) and Mbali (21) are a young God-fearing couple that met in Durban, around the CBD. Mlondi says that when he first laid his eyes on Mbali, he was with his friends and was instantly attracted to her but was too shy to make a move. Not long after, whilst waiting inside a taxi for it to fill up, Mbali walked in and plonked herself next to Mlondi. It was then that he was able to start a conversation with her and he admits that her friendly persona gave him the courage.

Having discovered that she was coming down with flu, he volunteered to buy her the ingredients of a remedy that he knew would help her and asked for her number so that he could check up on her later.

Mbali says that when she met Mlondi, she had recently become a born-again Christian and saw somebody that she could be friends with. Mbali describes herself as a friendly person with a big personality. She studied drama and arts at the National School of the Arts and Mlondi is a marketing graduate and is her opposite as she says that he is very shy and quiet and is more intellectual.

Mlondi and Mbali are family oriented and love spending time with family, learning more and sharing their religion. All that matters to them is sealing their love and solidifying their union. They have left the wedding plans in the capable hands of their devoted parents.

This young couple enjoys going to church together, going for picnics and spending some quality time at the beach. Mlondi says that he is completely in love with Mbali; not just with her but with her soul and can see the both of them growing old together. Mbali says that Mlondi is the only person that can tolerate all her flaws and knows her better than anyone else.