Martin & Elisa

Martin & Elisa

The story of the way Martin and Elisa met would be unbelievable if they hadn't told it themselves. Elisa found herself at an Internet cafe, just going about her usual business when the owner of the cafe, a friend of Martin's, pointed him out and said to her, "That's your husband." As it turns out, when Martin saw Elisa for the first time at that very moment, it dropped in his system that she would be his wife.

So he walked straight to her, arms wide open, and without any hesitation, she walked right into his embrace. Odd for people meeting for the very first time, but they believe they are star-crossed lovers.

The couple faced a lot of opposition from family and friends who were suspicious of Martin. A Nigerian national settled in South Africa, he faced a slew of questions over his intentions with Elisa. But his woman stood by him, with the support of Elisa's mother, and in the end, love won.

Today they have two young children and are keeping a warm, loving home. They will cement their union in front of family and friends in an elaborate wedding with South African and Nigerian elements.