Mandla & Ntombifuthi

Mandla & Ntombifuthi

Mandla and Ntombifuthi met as children. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and used to play together. Fast forward some years, they regained contact while buying a meal from Spar, and thus began a love story that was full of twists and turns.

The two couldn't stay away from each other, despite both being in relationships. They would conduct their clandestine affair, only for their partners to find out, leading to them breaking up and focusing on their relationships. Each time they broke up, though, their hearts would call to each other again and they would relight their candle, only for their partners to find out again. They cycle continued and they had children by the people they were in relationships with, but they still couldn't deny the love they had for each other.

Eventually, they decided to stop fighting their feelings and conduct their relationship exclusively, and in the open. They will solidify their union in a garden wedding followed by a lavish reception.