Lerato and Mzawandile

Lerato & Mzwandile

It was unexpected love at first sight when 34-year-old Mzwandile met his sweetheart, 24-year-old Lerato in a clothes shop in Waterfront. She was friendly to the handsome stranger, and it made him confident enough to ask for her number.

Mzwandile says he knew the second he'd met her that he would marry her, so he wasted no time in letting his intentions known to her; he wanted to marry her.

A brief break up had some serious consequences for the couple; the stress landed Mzwandile in hospital, and Lerato was visibly sad. They knew they had to rekindle their love, because they clearly couldn't do without each other.

Sesotho culture will unite with Xhosa when the couple tie the knot in a beautiful garden wedding in Bloemfontein.