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Khombo & Wisani

Khombo and Wisani met in nursing school, and were in the same class. They got closer in second year. One day, Khombo invited Wisani to her room and offered to cook for him. While he was there, Wisani sneakily escaped the friend zone by sitting closer and closer to Khombo on her bed, making his intentions clear. When he declared his love for Khombo, it was easy for her to accept his affection beacsue they had been friends for a while and she was comfortable around him.

Before Wisani could pay lobola, Khombo had fallen pregnant with their child. They made sure that by the time the baby was born, lobola is paid in full. Her parents struggled to accept that Khombo was leaving the family, but eventually they warmed to him and the idea of rather gaining a son.