Howard & Letta

Howard & Letta

They say good fences make good neighbours. The opposite was true for Howard and Letta. it was through the benevolence of Letta and her family that Howard not only warded off the boredom of having no television, but also found the love of his life.

Having moved next door, Letta and her parents opened their home to Howard, who occasionally watched television there. But that's not all he was watching. The precocious Letta, then just 17, also caught his eye.

His interest in her was met with much shock, indignation and revulsion from Letta's family, what with Howard being 24 years her senior. But the two were certain it was true love, and they stood strong against the slew of attacks from everybody who questioned their relationship.

It was the day after her last examination as a matriculant that Howard proposed to Letta. With the help, and in the presence of, her family, he threw a big surprise party and popped the question to a packed tent. She said yes, and their love story was finally validated.

Together they share a son, and hope to have other children. The exchanged their heartfelt vows in front of they love.