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Zama and Phumlani’s love story – OPW

08 May 2022
Zama shot her shot.
OPW S12 Zama and Phumlani

This thing of shooting your shot can be awkward sometimes, especially if you get turned down, OUCH! Luckily for Zama (34) Phumlani (30) was also eyeing her.

How they met:

The Khumalo’s met at a food store in May 2017. Zama was with her friends and they were heading to a party when they bumped into Phumlani. “I pretended I didn’t see him. Then he approached my friend, Shushu who happens to be his colleague and he asked him to call me,” she said.

Elaborating she said she had recently gone through a break-up with her then boyfriend and was heartbroken. “He asked her for my number and flipped the script on him and asked him to give me his number. A few minutes after we left the store, I called him on WhatsApp just to test if he gave me the correct number. I called and he didn’t pick up and I immediately thought he was a scam.” she said.

In his defence, Phumlani said, “We leave our phones in our lockers at work. My phone was on silent mode and I didn’t hear it.” But Zama insisted he wanted to ghost her, LOL!

She said she put him to the test when she asked if she could spend the night with him. “He said yes and I offered to pick him up,” she said. Phumlani said he was watching her all the time, while she was busy preparing food for them that day and thought to himself, “This is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


The couple went through a tragic period when they lost their baby in 2018. “I nearly died. Phumlani had to make a difficult decision while I was in hospital that time. I wasn’t easy at all,” said a teary Zama.

Tonight, they invite you to come celebrate their love, which has stood firm despite such challenges.

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