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Mmaphuti and Kenneth’s love story – OPW

05 June 2022
They met while jogging.
OPW S12 Mmaphuti and Kenneth

Mmaphuti (37) and Kenneth Matau (39) proved that you could literally meet your lifetime partner anywhere!

How they met:

The couple lives in the same estate. He was jogging one morning, when he met her taking a power walk. “That day I had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to greet her. We had a brief conversation and exchanged numbers,” he said.

He’d invite her to join him for a morning run/jog after this. They got to know each other over the next few months and that’s when he introduced the idea of paying lobola. “I paid lobola and we had a traditional wedding after that. We welcomed the bride and we had a celebration,” he said.

They moved in together  three months into their relationship. Kenneth explained how her children welcomed him with warm hearts. “They asked what name should they call me and then they came up with names. I then approved that they could call me uncle Kenny,” he said.


Mmaphuti fractured her arm. “I thought I would end up living with a disability. I even thought of letting him go because I didn’t want to burden him. Kenneth said he dismissed it because he knew it was a minor setback.

They invited the Our Perfect Wedding crew because they wanted to share their journey with friends and family that couldn’t make it to their wedding.


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