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Mapule and Vusumuzi’s love story – OPW

22 May 2022
She wasn’t into him at first.
OPW S12 Mapule and Vusumuzi

One thing about the heart, it wants what/who it wants! This was how Vusumuzi (45) Dube felt when the first met Mapule (42)

How the met:

the couple met in the 90s. She was on her way to the shops when she walked past Vusumuzi and his friends. “My friends and I were playing a game on the street and as she approached, I told the guys to hang on a bit. When I got close, I realized she was slightly taller than me, but I told her I liked her,” he said.

They both laughed, as they recalled how awkward it was after realising this. “I laughed at first. I’m taller than him. I asked him what people would say?” said Mapule.

But Vusumuzi did not give up. A few days later, she bumped into him again. “He asked me out again and I agreed to give him a chance. I was worried about the height,” she said.


They both struggled to get acceptance from both sides of the families. “There was a time when they didn’t accept him because they thought he wouldn’t be able to take care of me and our family,” Mapule said. Vusumuzi recalled how this hurt him. “I was unemployed for a while. There were certain roles that I had to play but I couldn’t, but I would tell her that one day everything will be alright,” he said. And it did!

They invited the Our Perfect Wedding crew because they wanted to show others that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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