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Loretta and Simphiwe’s love story – OPW

08 October 2022
It was love at first sight for Simphiwe.
OPW S12 Loretta and Simphiwe

When they describe someone who fought for someone they love, that would be Simphiwe Khuluse (49). This man did everything to convince his first wife to accept and embrace his intention to marry Loretta (48) as his second wife.

How they met:

Loretta’s sister, Beradine told of how she first met Simphiwe at Loretta’s housewarming party about nine years ago. This was basically the couple’s first encounter.

“I was standing with his colleague during the housewarming, and when he came closer, I moved away,” she Loretta.

Simphiwe side of the story goes like this: “I made a pass at her immediately I saw her. “She said yes and after agreeing to date me, she dumped me and said she had made a mistake,” he said.

Elaborating, Loretta said she did this because she had doubts, but the chemistry between them was on another level.

“As time went on, he told me he was looking for a second wife. I liked the fact that he was honest. When I met him, he was wearing a wedding ring,” she added.


Simphiwe said his first wife gave him a hard time at first. “She put her foot down and flatly refused. I pleaded with her and told her Loretta had value that I needed in my life,” he said.

Loretta and Simphiwe’s first wife then met at a funeral and because of the love and respect that both have for him, there was no drama.  “We met, and we spoke. I humbled myself and she was also humble,” she said.

Tonight, the couple will exchange vows and start a new chapter in their lives.  


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