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Leanne and Thabiso’s love story – OPW

29 May 2022
She gave him the cold shoulder at first.
OPW S12 Leanne and Thabiso

One thing about Thabiso Mamabolo (34), he is a very patient man! Not even Leanne’s (28) cold shoulder could stop him!

How they met:

The couple met at the beginning of 2012. Leanne’s step father managed a car wash at that time, and she used to help out from time to time. Thabiso lives close to the car wash.

“While they were busy washing the car, he would ask me questions, trying to get to know me,” she said. Leanne pointed out how he was very consistent. “He would come very often, even if I’d give him the cold shoulder,” she said.

Thabiso said when she finally agreed to go out on a date, they went out for ice cream. There were more dates after that.

How he proposed:

He proposed in December last year. “I didn’t exactly go down on one knee but yes, I did propose,” he said. He paid lobola at the beginning of the year.


Leanne said the main challenge was the culture shock. “It was me having to learn his way of doing things and his upbringing, and he had to do the same,” she said. Leanne’s mother, Maritza admits to giving Thabiso a hard time at first, but said it was all from the good place.

The couple invited the Our Perfect Wedding crew because they wanted to let people into their space and journey, and also for the friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to their wedding. 


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