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Julia and Nhlanhla’s love story – OPW

27 February 2022
They met at work.
OPW S12 Julia and Nhlanhla

Both Julia (34) and Nhlanhla (38) Mncube are electricians and let’s just say, their connection is real!  

How they met:

The couple met in March 2007. Julia had just started her Electrical Engineering internship at his workplace. He asked her out, but she wasn’t interested. Then he decided to assign himself as her mentor, so they could work together.

“Trust me, I didn’t learn anything because every time I was meant to do something, he wouldn’t let me and would do it himself,” said laughed as she recalled of how things started.

Elaborating, she said he asked her out for about two months before she agreed to date him. They were together from 2007 to 2009 and then they parted ways. “We didn’t split, as in like we’re not dating anymore but we just parted ways,” Julia explained.


The thing is, they were both seeing other people when they started dating. Julia’s then partner decided he wanted to pay lobola when he heard Nhlanhla was also in the picture and that’s why they parted ways.

Julia said she faced a number of challenges with her then partner, so she decided to end things with him. “When Nhlanhla heard about this, he came back,” she said.

They invited the #OurPerfectWedding crew because they have been through a lot and would like to share their special day with friends and relatives who couldn’t attend.


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