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Zoleka and Mduduzi’s love story – OPW

07 November 2021
Her family had difficulty accepting him at first.
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It’s as if Mdududzi knew Zoleka would end up being his wife, when he called her “my bride” that time they met back in 2006.

How they met:

Zoleka remembers how he’d tell the other guys who were trying to chat her up to back off. “I was doing a part-time job that time and every time I would pass by, he would call me his wife. We decided to give it a go in December 2007,” she said.


Just like any other couple, the Mncwabe’s have had their fair share of challenges. Zoleka said her family had a tough time accepting him at first, they didn’t quite trust him. Mduduzi admitted that he was still seeing the mother of his children when they met.

“He didn’t mention at first that there was someone else and I didn’t ask if he was seeing someone else. I only found out later and I told myself I had to accept it,” she said. Zoleka added that she won him over by keeping cool, instead of fighting and nagging him about it.  

How he proposed:

Zoleka said Mduduzi surprised her during a function and just went down on his knees and asked her to marry him. “He usually doesn’t surprise me, so I wasn’t expecting him to do it,” she said.

She said they invited the OPW crew to their two-day wedding because they want to show everybody that true love exists.  


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