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Our Perfect Wedding

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Yvonne and Sello’s love story – OPW

12 September 2021
Their friend Lesego thought they were a perfect match.
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Yvonne (40) and Sello Maake (40+) entertained their friend Lesego when she played Cupid, and tonight we witness their beautiful union.

How they met:

The couple met in 2017. Sello had hinted to Lesego that he was single and would like to meet someone. Fortunately enough Yvonne was also single, so Lesego did the things! Next thing, Yvonne gets a call from a mysterious guy,  who called her “baby” and she wondered who that was.

They talked for a while and it turned out that Yvonne was also interested in getting to know more about Sello, so she asked if and when they could meet sometime. Unfortunately, Sello was going out of town in the next couple of days so he suggested they set a date so they could meet.

Then one day she had car trouble and had to take it to a mechanic. She was with Lesego that day and she secretly told Sello where they were. BOOM! In came Sello all dressed up. Sello laughed as he remembered Yvonne was indeed a little dirty that day, adding that she was beautiful despite this.

He was going out of town again so they decided to meet the following day. This was in December. They set up another date January, and that’s how things started.  

How he proposed:

Yvonne’s sister, Khensani said they didn’t get the full story on how he proposed, but they all saw engagement ring on WhatsApp and they were happy for her because she was happy.


Yvonne’s father passed away in August 2019. They were doing last minute shopping for the lobola day when Yvonne was told he father had passed away. She said it was a challenging time for her because she was very close to her father.

Yvonne said they invited OPW to show people that it’s never too late to find love. She said there was a time she had given up on love. Everyone in her family was married, including her younger siblings. Tonight.

They invite you to come celebrate with friends and family, as they start a new and exciting journey.   


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