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Our Perfect Wedding

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Tumelo and Paul’s love story – OPW

16 January 2022
He searched for her for a whole year, only to find her on Facebook.
OPW S11 Tumelo and Paul

When Paul (36) lost contact with Tumelo (26), he didn’t give up. His heart wouldn’t let him! It took him a whole year to search for her, and tonight we get to witness their perfect wedding.

How they met:

The Molantwa’s met at Montecasino in early 2017. Tumelo admitted she wasn’t into him at first and only gave him her number just to brush him off. “He texted me and asked me out on a lunch date. I didn’t think much of it then because I was in a relationship with someone else at that time,” Tumelo said.

They lost contact for the remaining part of 2017 and in 2018, he sent her a DM on Facebook. “I was shocked by his perseverance, so I gave him my number again and that’s when we started having a serious conversation,” added Tumelo. They them met for lunch and decided to give it a try.


Paul had issues with his former partner, who lied to him about the paternity of the child he thought was his. “He called me and told me he wanted to kill himself because he had just found out the truth,” said Tumelo. Paul said it was a difficult time for him, it even affected his performance at work.

How he proposed:

On the 4th of April 2018 he invited her out for dinner. “He said dress to kill,” said Tumelo. Elaborating, Paul said he had arranged with the waiter and restaurant manager to put the engagement ring in Tumelo’s dessert. In July 2019 he paid lobola.


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