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Nomvuyo and Abrams love story OPW

05 December 2021
She missed a lunch date because she couldn’t get hold of him.
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Gosh! Dating back when either one of you didn’t have a cell phone must have been a mission. Nomvuyo (32) one missed am important lunch date with Abram (35) because of this.

How they met:

The couple met in 2007. They were both member of the same church choir. Abram spotted her that day and waited until practice was over to approach her. He asked for her number but unfortunately she didn’t have a cell phone at that time, so she had to give him her mother’s number.

Nomvuyo told her mother she was expecting a certain “friend” who was new in town and had asked her to show them around. “My mother was surprised when she realized the “friend” was actually a guy, but she didn’t have a problem with that,” she said.

Her birthday came and they had arranged to go to the mall together to celebrate. So, he gave her his number so that she could call him that day and let him know how far she was. Unfortunately, she copied the last two or three digits incorrectly! Abram waited for hours on end at the mall, with Nomvuyo nowhere in sight.

“That time, she was calling me but calling the wrong number because the last two or three digits were incorrect,” said Abram. They ended up not meeting that day. Birthday date ruined!

A few weeks later, they met at choir practice and he asked her to visit him, which she did and that’s when he told he liked her and they ironed everything out.


Abram lost his job one time. Nomvuyo was pregnant with their third child. “I also started job hunting,” Nomvuyo said. Abram was out of a job for about six months and Nomvuyo became the breadwinner. Luckily, he was able to find another job and things have been better since.


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