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Nomfundo and Siyabonga’s love story – OPW

26 September 2021
He went from the bad guy to the good guy.
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Siyabonga (36) went from fighting Nomfundo (37) about load music in the taxi he was driving, to her knight in shining armour.

How they met:

The Mnyango’s met in 2012. Siyabonga was a taxi driver then and Nomfundo was a passenger in the taxi he was driving from Johannesburg to Mtubatuba. According to Nomfundo, Siyabonga had the radio volume quite high and she asked him to lower it but he didn’t. an argument ensued and she later called the taxi association, letting them know about her grievance.

Siyabonga then got a call from the taxi association letting him know a complaint has been lodged against him, and he was asked to lower the volume. “I didn’t just lower the volume, but I switched it off completely. It was silent in the taxi for the remainder of the trip,” he said.  

Time went by since the incident and it so happened that they met again. He was driving past her house when he saw her driving her father’s car. “The road was uneven so I had to giver way. Unfortunately, she drove into my taxi and her car overturned a couple of times. I rushed to help her out and take her to the hospital,” he said.

Along the way, he realized he knew her from somewhere, and they both laughed as they recalled of the argument in the taxi when they first met. Siyabonga asked for her number so he could check up on her from time to time, and that’s how it started.


Siyabonga said family has been quite the challenge on both his side and her side. “One of her brothers even confronted me at some point and even though I wanted to teach them a lesson, I realized that’s not the way to solve this,” he said.  

They invited the OPW crew to show us the beauty of traditional weddings.


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