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Marlene and Hernani’s love story – OPW

09 January 2022
He used the “Super Like” option to get her attention.
OPW S11 Marlene and Hernani

Marlene (40) met Hernani (39) on a dating dating site. Yep, he used the “Swipe Up” option on her profile and luckily for him, it was a perfect match!  

How they met:

“I thought she was stunning and had a confident bio when compared to all the others. This caught my attention and I wanted to meet her and the only way to get her attention was to Super Like her,” said Hernani.

Marlene said it was convenient for her to meet people on the dating site, with her being a single mother. “I don’t think I was in a hurry to meet him at first. I was just comfortable to have that conversation, get to know him a bit better,” she said.

“We went on their first date a week or so later. At the end of the date, I asked her out again and it was only after about three months that we told our friends and family,” said Hernani.

Hernani laughed, as he recalled how Marlene initially told her family that they met at an indoor cricket event. “I did that because of the pressure around dating apps,” she said.


Hernani said Marlene was bothered about how people would look at them when out in public spaces. Marlene recalled of a terrible experience while on holiday. Hernani said they’ve learnt to take that negative energy and turn it around and end up laughing about it.


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