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Mapule and Andries’ love story – OPW

17 October 2021
He introduced her to his family a month after they met.
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That time Mapule (40) had her eye on Andries’ (40) brother, Andries has actually eyeing her and made moves to get her attention.

He moved from where he was sitting, to sit right next to Mapule. Talk about making a plan, LOL! This was back in 2007 at a store function where customers were invited to mingle and check out store offers.

Mapule was with her friend, Maletsatsi that day. She recalled how Andries asked for her number just as they were about to leave. “He then gave me a hug and I was a little surprised. Later on, he called me and that’s when he told me how he felt about me,” she explained.

They arranged a meeting a few weeks later and by the end of the month, Andries decided it was time he introduced her to his family. “She spend the December holidays at my place,” he said.


Mapule recalled how tough things were when Andries lost his job and they had their first child. Andries added that communication was key for getting through this difficult time.

How he proposed:

Andries asked for her hand in marriage in September 2012 and paid lobola the same month. In December she moved in with him.

They invited OPW to celebrate with them because they wanted to show people that true love exists.


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