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Our Perfect Wedding

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Francina and Solomon’s love story – OPW

31 October 2021
Not even blocking him on WhatsApp could stop him from pursuing her.
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Imagine the awkwardness when you realize you dialled the wrong number and you’re told, “Sorry, wrong number!” Eish! Well, Solomon (40) didn’t think of it that way when he accidentally called Francina’s (45) number instead of his brothers’.

What he did was, he saved Francina’s number and went straight to WhatsApp to view her profile picture. Then he boldly texted her, but unfortunately she ignored him.

A few attempts to get her attention later, she asked him where he got her number and she wasn’t convinced by his response so she blocked him. Solomon is not the giving up type, so he went and got a new SIM card and used it to text her.

After several chats, exchanging personal details he asked if they could meet up for lunch or something. Francina was a little sceptical at first and Solomon jokingly suggested they meet at the police station.

“We later decided to meet at a popular fast food outlet and he just went straight to the point and told me how he felt about me,” Francina said. They arranged another date after that.


Francina recalled how Solomon had a tough time settling in at work when he first started. “He didn’t get along with colleagues.” On top of that, he was still kind of seeing someone and breaking up with her was a little hectic! “ They also had a bit of a problem while planning the lobola process. “I gave some of the lobola money to my brother and on the day of the lobola, he was nowhere to be found. Francina said she had to call her family to reschedule.

They managed to overcome all these obstacles and tonight, they invite you to witness their union.


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