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Dimpho and Khulekani’s love story – OPW

19 September 2021
It was love at first sight for Khulekani.
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Dimpho (25) didn’t think much of Khulekani’s (28) attempt to woo her in the beginning, but you know what they say: “The heart wants what it wants.”

How they met:

The couple met in church in 2019. Khulekani’s face lit up as he mentioned Dimpho was the talk of the day, adding that even his sister talked to him about her. Khulekani approached Dimpho after church that day and asked her for her contact number so he could give her directions to the next church cell meeting. Dimpho said she had already given another church member.

After a while, he managed to get her number and sent her a text message. They would chat from time to time after that and it was only at the end of the year that he told her of his intention. Dimpho asked that he goes to the church elders for blessings, and so he did.

Dimpho admitted she wasn’t interested at first, saying she thought he was joking. It was only when the pastor called her parents that she saw him in a different light.


Khulekani said it hasn’t been easy preparing for the wedding. They had a lockdown lobola ceremony. “Our engagement was just after the easing of the lockdown regulations, he said.  Dimpho added that they would disagree on certain things from time to time while planning the wedding. But they manged to overcome everything.


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