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Mr and Mrs Makhanya’s big day – OPW

19 August 2019
Fani and Boitumelo overcame challenges to forge a bond no one can break.
Boitumelo and Fani14_OPW

Serendipity calls

When Boitumelo went to visit a friend, she also ended up meeting Fani who’d become the father to her children, and her lifelong significant other.

Two worlds come together

Boitumelo is Sotho so she envisioned a dress that will bring in Fani’s Zulu tradition in to the wedding. She also wanted to combine it with a ball gown and the result is unforgettable.

Elegance all around

With touches of gold, black, and tons of soothing white, Boitumelo and Fani’s décor for the reception takes grace to a new level.

Drinks for everyone

It was cocktail tasting hour before Boitumelo and Fani’s big day. There were also non-alcoholic drinks for teetotallers.

Bound forever

Fani and Boitumelo pledge to spend the rest of their lives together with vows that pulled at all the heartstrings.

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