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Margaret and Diyoko’s big day – OPW

04 May 2020
Everything that made their perfect wedding.
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Diyoko’s mom proved just how much moms are a true blessing in our lives. The love and support she’s given our couple cannot go unnoticed.

From the cake tasting, to décor viewing and traditional attire fittings, Diyoko’s mom was there for her son Diyoko and makoti Margaret every step of the way.

Cake tasting:

Although the couple picked their own cake design and flavours, mommy was there to make sure the cake was perfect. How special was it Diyoko was able to tell us which cake flavour was Margaret’s favourite!? See how the cake tasting went, here:

 Décor viewing:

Margaret and Diyoko’s theme was blue and gold, and asked Rirhandzo to come up with something simple yet elegant for them. But Rirhandzo was like, “Nah, let me spice things up with a few interesting elements.” Good call Rirhandzo! The décor looked amazing.

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Traditional attire fitting:

You know it’s almost wedding o’clock when the bridal party is all geared up and ready for the dance step at the reception, LOL! Bridesmaids Danisile and Sarah couldn’t’ wait to show off their beautiful outfits (and dance moves) at the traditional wedding.

And with that, Margaret and Diyoko ticked off all the items on their Wish List and had themselves a perfect wedding.


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