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Ivy and Lucas’ love story - OPW

22 September 2019
From a high school crush, to a married couple.

Ivy Phasha (39) and Lucas Maisela (39) met in high school and even then, he was certain she was the one for him.

“Lucas and I met at Pututo High School,” Ivy recalls. “He was always nagging me, writing me letters.”

Lucas says she brushed him off when he started to talking to her. So his alternative was writing her letters to tell her he loved her.

After matric, they parted ways to study. Serendipity stepped in 2002 when Ivy met Lucas’ friend, Danny Maesela.

Ivy says: “He asked me when was the last I saw Lucas and I told him I didn’t have his phone number anymore. And I didn’t know where he was.”

Danny, being the best wingman ever, called Lucas immediately to say he was with Ivy. Lucas got her digits and they started talking.

“I phone and we started the conversation again,” he says. “I said, ‘Ivy listen we are meant to be together. I’ve been looking for you…’ And I told her I don’t want any other girl, you are the one I wanted. In school when I told you, I meant it.” They started dating that same year.

They’ve survived a bout of unemployment from Lucas’ side and once he was ready, he proposed.

“One day when we were at a restaurant he said he wanted to marry me,” says Ivy. “I was shocked. But I was very happy and I said okay.”

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