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Bjorn and Joel’s love story – OPW

11 August 2019
From neighbours, to friends, to a relationship, and finally husband and wife.
Bjorn and Joel wedding

Bjorn Louw (32) and Joel Cader (30) met each other in primary school. They were neighbours in Mangete. Joel says: “We were down the road, and she was up the road.”

Bjorn’s mother, Joyce, recalls they used to play together as children.

“In 2002, we started communicating over MXit, but as friends, strictly friends,” says Joel. “In 2009, we were single and decided to become more than friends. We gave it a run for a year. Things didn’t work out after a year, we parted, and she also got into another relationship. Bjorn, I think, couldn’t let go of her ex.”

Bjorn agrees, but the rekindled relationship with her ex only lasted three weeks.

“I couldn’t be with somebody else,” Bjorn says. “I did try a number of times. Joel was always my heart-throb. From that time, I always knew that Joel is going to be my husband one day.”

A year to remember

Bjorn says that 2016 was their year. “We started as friends all over again,” she recalls. “Then we became friends with benefits, friends who do sleep overs, and date nights.”

By August, they decided to travel together. As she got into the car, she pulled the visor down and out fell a note.

“And the note read ‘Bjorn Louw, will you be my girlfriend? With a yes box, no, and maybe’,” she says. “And I scribbled all over it… a yes!”

But things soon changed and she wanted more. “I wanted to be more than the girlfriend.” Joel then proposed in front of an audience whilst they were at a concert.

Joel says it was all part of the plan.

“It’s every girl’s dream to be proposed in some place fancy. I wanted to raise the bar just a little bit higher for all the fellas, you know. And so, that is what I did.”

See Bjorn and Joel take the next all-important step becoming husband and wife.

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