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Mamsy and Pules Love Story OPW

16 December 2018
He was her first love.
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Mamsy and Pule are practically childhood sweethearts. They’ve been together for like 19 years!

The couple met way back in 1992. Pule used to stop Mamsy every time he saw her walking to school. All he wanted was to walk her to school, but Mamsy refused at every chance because she didn’t know much about him at that time.

This went on for about a year. They bumped into each other one time at a party. Mamsy, being outgoing by nature, was on the dance floor doing what she does best, dancing! He came up to her and asked if she could accompany him to the nearby petrol station, to which she agreed.

He didn’t say much to her that day, but he did buy her a couple of snacks and accompanied her home, thereafter. A year later, they bumped into each other again and this time, they went out a couple of times. It was only then that he told her how he felt about her. Turns out she felt that same way too!

Pule liked the fact that she was down-to-earth and quite the athlete. He was an athlete too. Mamsy speaks fondly of how Pule takes care of her, even up to today.

The couple had a traditional wedding 19 years ago and during these years, they’ve had to face some tough times. Pule was involved in a terrible accident and had to be hospitalised for six months. Mamsy was pregnant with their child at that time and she speaks of how difficult it was for them.

Luckily, they’ve overcome all of this and tonight, they invite you to share their special day with them.

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