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Reasons why the Ngcobo family is goals – OFuze

09 February 2023
Mzansi is loving the new family on the block
black family

Authentic, fun-loving, and just enough drama to keep us glued to our screens. The Ngcobo family is making waves on Mzansi Magic and here's why:

1. The original Couple goals  💘

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When we say Bheki ‘Ihhashi Elimhlophe’ and Linah Ngcobo are still holding it down, 4 kids later, successful music and TV career in the bag while sustaining a marriage that has blossomed over 41 years, we're talking couple goals. We love to see black love win, and black love so authentic. The show lets us in on this magical love, that has difficult roles such as parenting. But what we absolutely stan about them, is definitely the matching outfits in the diary session please 😍 

2. The melanin magic 🔥

The family gene is top-tier okay! Having a good-looking family on our screens definitely has its benefits, that melanin is literally overflowing with milk and money. All four adults are younger versions of their mom and dad, 10/10 mntase. Plus there are talks of an Amapondo comeback, and we're definitely here for it. If you need a mood enhancer, dial into 161, 8PM's on Thursday. 

3. Family drama with a pinch of love 💜🙈

Just like any real family, the Ngcobo's have disagreements but what we love most about them is that they all come from a good place. All parents have a set of house rules by which children have to abide, and Bheki and Linah Ngcobo are no exception. Fame or money does not clout our faves and it's a breath of fresh air to witness. We also see that not all kids are perfect, and would like to leave their own mark in their own unique ways - which is not always easy. Despite their disagreements, they always treat one another with love and respect.

4. The authentic content 🎥

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Vusile Ngcobo

It's not just about the glitz and glam with this family, which we appreciate. They bare so much of their soul, ups and downs and difficulties on their sleeve and we love them for this. Mzansi loves to relate to their faves, the pressure to be perfect, overcoming the death of loved ones and not living up to your parent's ideals is a box most people can tick. Mzansi continued to show up week, after week, to console and relate with their faves. 

See the tweets below: 

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