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01 September 2021
The odds are really stacked against her but just like her name, uNqobile has already conquered.
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When Daddy G gave Nqobile the gift of being the CEO of the family business, it seemed he had given her a poisoned chalice. The company was failing and not making profits, moreover, her abusive husband would now have a new reason to hate her.

Add to that the tough decisions Nqobile has had to make since taking the position which have led to disgruntled former male employees abusing the new female drivers and it is going to take more than sheer strength and wishing on Star Fly to make things work.

It is going to take grit, smarts, relationship understanding and building and letting go of some dead weight, especially her dead marriage. And Nqobile has it all within her, especially with Gugu bu her side. He has already helped her see through ake friend Ntombi who crashed the entire Star Fly system under Simo's instruction just so nqobile could be removed as CEO.

Nqobile is truly a wonder. She has the gentleness and beauty of a flower and yet she has the tough and nails will to make the hard and unpopular deciions needed to take the business forward. She may be blinded by love but she has a sharp eye to see through the darkness of things not working out and even people’s true motivations. So what will she do now that she knows Ntombi has been plotting against her? Will she tap further into her gentleness or into her toughness? 

Find out every Monday at 8PM we are frustrated by the scenic route that her victory seems to be taking but we have no doubt that our fav has it in her to face all the challenges in front of her head on because uNqobile.