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Celebrating the women of Nqobile

23 August 2021
From the CEO to the drivers to Black Widow, there are so many women to celebrate this women’s month on our Monay drama.
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Who has not been charmed by her piercing big eyes, her gentle spirit, her fearless business attitude and her vision for a better future for women? Nqobile is a woman to be celebrated even as she faces the abuse of men at home and in business. She is a CEO to a family business and a mother who constantly sacrifices herself for her children.

Black Widow

To call Black Widow a mystery would be an understatement, but what is evident about her is that she is the champion of women who may feel voiceless. She fights their battles and supports their struggles even financially. She goes to war with men and ensure justice for all the women she cares about, most she doesn’t even know.


She has a sharp tongue but don’t let that keep you from experiencing the unconditional love that Maipone has to offer. She has gone far and beyond for those she loves and now is her turn to do something for herself and take herself further and we are here for it!

The Starfly drivers

Nqobile has introduced a new calibre of drivers in the company’s new e-hailing service and we are happy to see the drivers going into early morning and dark nights to put food on their tables and create a better future for themselves.

Who are some of your favourite women from #NqobileMzansi? Celebrate them and tune in every Monday at 8PM.