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Unhappily married – Ngishade Wrong

22 November 2022
Marriage is not supposed to be a journey filled with pain.
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When does one realise that the partner, they vowed to love for eternity is not the one?

On Ngishade Wrong, individuals have come forward to let their spouses know they want out of their marriages.

One could ask: what makes people who were once inseparable no longer able to stand each other?

Here are a few things we have picked up from previous episodes of the show:


When there is a third person in the relationship, things tend to start crumbling.

After rumours started circulating that Legion’s last-born son is not his, he did not think twice about asking his wife for a divorce. Even though she denied the claims, he still insisted on getting a divorce.

Lack of communication

Another factor that has contributed to a number of marriages falling apart is a lack of communication.

This was the case with Gugu and Richard. The couple accused each other of using muthi to fuel their love.

Instead of talking about it, Richard upped and left their marital home and moved in with another woman. It was further revealed that there was another woman he had paid lobola for. He welcomed the divorce because he felt talking would not solve anything.

Biting off more than you can chew 😩

When a person is not happy in a relationship, it might seem that the most logical thing to do is to leave it. But what happens when the grass is not greener on the other side?

Sanele's infidelity led him to believe that his side chick, Zodwa, would make a better companion than his wife. When he asked his wife for a divorce, he had plans to start a new life with Zodwa.

Things took another turn when Zodwa told him she was not interested in a relationship with him. She added that she was expecting Sanele's child but was okay with not having him in the picture

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