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Sister killjoy – Mzali Wami

14 March 2022
Iminathi better wake up and see Francine for who she really is.
mzali wami sister killjoy article

We all love Iminathi, she is kind, beautiful and very naïve. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying she should be anything like her dangerous and vindictive step-sister, but we do think it is time for her to wake up and see the snake in the proverbial woods.

When Francine sabotaged her work presentation

Iminathi couldn’t even see that Francine is the one who sabotaged her first work presentation with Lungelo. How could a laptop that was working perfectly fine the night before suddenly have water damage the next morning?

What about the alarm that never went off because Francine had switched it off.

It was Iminathi’s firend who showed her that perhaps she was being sabotaged by her own sister.

When Francine documented her burning hate for Iminathi in her journal

Joyce and Iminathi should have seen the signs that something is terribly wrong when they found the damning journal filled with text and images of just how much Francine hates her new sister. Joyce dismissed that as merely a fight between sisters but only one person sees themselves sharing Joyce with a sibling and that is sweet Iminathi.

When Francine put her hands on Iminathi and strangled her almost to death 

Can you remember when Francine nearly strangled Iminathi right in her mother’s home, with both of her mothers there? Iminathi had found Francine's biological mother and instead of excitement, Francine was livid and thought Iminathi wanted Joyce all to herself. 

Joyce finally made the call and sent Francine back to the orphanage but Francine was not done yet, she wanted to make sure Iminathi was really dead.

When Francine cut the breaks

What kind of person finds out from a human trafficker how to cut the brakes of a car so they can kill their sister? Someone as lethally dangerous as Francine. Unfortunately, it was Joyce who ended up being hurt and in hospital.

Now what will Francine do next?

With Musa proposing to Iminathi, Francine’s hatred for Iminathi has found new fuel to keep it’s deadly fires burning. The only way she can be stopped is if Iminathi and Joyce finally realise that they have a problem in the family that cannot be solved with kumbaya moments.

Iminathi is going to have to stand up and fight for her mother, fiancé and her life. Can she?

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