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Good sis gone bad in 5 steps – Mzali Wami

18 January 2022
Francine has snapped and we saw it all coming in these five ways.
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Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned. Francine’s pain from all the rejection she has been getting from Joyce has reached fever pitch and Iminathi is in the firing line. Here is how it all built up:

Step 1: She lost her room

Francine was unceremoniously removed from her bedroom to make way for older sister, Iminathi on the very day of the new sister's arrival. There was no discussion or request beforehand, she was simply thrown out like yesterday's trash.

Step 2: You can't sit with us

Francine has always known her place to be right next to Joyce for 15 years. However, in just a few short minutes, Joyce can't even stand to be the social distancing 1 meter apart from Iminathi and wants her long lost daughter near her at all times. 

Step 3: Lento ihamba ngez'bongo

Imagine waiting 15 years for something only to watch someone get it in less than a week. Well, that is Francince's sad reality, She has waited 15 years for Joyce to adopt her but Iminathi arrived on the scene and within days Joyce handed her official forms from Home Affairs making her a offically and finally a Khaphayi. 

Step 4: She lost the love she never had

IIs it just us or does Iminathi seem to get everything Francine dreams of? Joyce's love and attention - Iminathi gets all of that. Musa's love and attention, Iminathi gets that too and it is Facebook officail to boot!

Step 5: The presentation is more important than your assignment 

It seems Iminathi's arrival has affected every area of Francine's life so when it began to mess with her future and paper, sis snapped! She sabotaged Iminathi by turning off the alarm she had set and pouring water all over her laptop just hours before the big presentation. 

So what now? Whose fault is it that Francince has lost it? Is it Joyce for treating her like second hand goods, or Iminathi for arriving on the scene and taking all their mother's love?

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