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All the red flags we missed about Lungelo – Mzali Wami

21 February 2022
Were we all blinded by Mr Hunk’s charms and missed these important red flags?
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We thought Lungelo was the perfect boss: Attentive, supportive and always ready to help Iminathi take her career to the next level. Little did we know that he is running a human trafficking syndicate. Here are the signs that we missed because of that cute smile and those charming eyes.

He gave Iminathi too much responsibility to soon

We are not saying Iminathi is not smart and talented, our homegirl even had a killer pitch. However, she had barely been a day in the job when Lungelo asked her to head up a project to place 20 young girls who were battling drug addiction in a rehab centre hundreds of miles away. Could it be that he wanted a rookie from the beginning because she would be unlikely to ask too many important questions?

He was too eager for her to start work

A couple of days after Iminathi had started work, her father passed and she abruptly missed work. Lungelo couldn’t reach her on her phone so he decided to go all the way to her home to find out why she hadn’t come in to work. Not only did he go to all those lengths to follow up with her, but he also pressured her to come back and work while she was at her father’s funeral.

When the going got tough, so did he

Like we said, our girl Iminathi is smart. She managed to keep in touch with the girls and the cracks started to show. Did you notice how it seems Lungelo was ready to throw Iminathi under the bus and blame her for everything when difficult questions were being asked?

How will Iminathi get out of this one with what is a horrible boss hiding under sheep’s skin? Stay tuned to #MzaliWami every Monday at 20:00.