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A deal with the devil Mzali Wam

01 March 2021
Just when Joyce thought she could finally be a mother, Sibongile takes Ntokozo away again.
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Who would have thought that after everything Sibongile had put Joyce through, she still had room for more heartbreak? The pair seemed to be working together as mothers to find their daughter, Ntokozo after Terror had taken her as part of his humantrafficking ring to be sold overseas. But Joyce’s heroic act turned out to be a trap Sibongile had put in place for her long before she could put two and two together.

Sibongile has Ntokozo now believing that the mother who searched for Ntokozo for so many years, actually tossed her in a bin an Sibongile being the angel she is, came and rescued her.

Was Joyce once again too trusting? Two decades ago she trusted Sibongile to hold her baby while she collapsed on the floor. Now, she trusted Sibongile to tell Ntokozo the truth about how they were separated. But even now, there is no guilt on Sibongile’s conscious. Despite everything she has put Joyce through, she still has more pain in store for her. Instead of telling Ntokozo the truth, Sibongile co-opted Ntokozo into telling the police that Joyce was working with Terror to kidnap young girls.

Joyce is no angel herself. She did work with Terror. She gave up Ntokozo’s life in exchange for her beloved adopted daughter’s. Were it not for Ntokozo being her biological daughter, Joyce may have never lifted a finger to save her.

How then will Joyce be redeemed in the eyes of Ntokozo and of the law? She cannot deny that she sold Ntokozo this time, though she lost her unfairly 20 years ago. She cannot deny that she did not sell Ntokozo to Terror though she did infiltrate the humantrafficking ring to save her.

Is there any hope for Joyce to finally have a relationship with her daughter?

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