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Love 101 with the Mahlangus - Mo and Mome

31 October 2019
Mzansi's coolest couples show us a thing or three about this thing called love!

With 2020 round the corner, style icons and Mzansi's swaggiest couple are prepping to celebrate of a decade of this rollercoaster called love!

The pioneers of reality TV in SA, Mo and Mome, returned to our screens this October with the fresh new 'Mo And Mome'. The show follows the young parents as they navigate raising their three children, Mo's retirement from stand up comedy and just being good old fashioned love birds. But as with any good, it always comes with its fair share of drama and there's no shortage of that at Mahlanguville!

So we decided to take a few pages out of Mo and Mome's book and see what great tips on love we can borrow from the parentals. Here's what we've observed thus far.

Therapy isn't a bad thing!

On a recent episode of Mo and Mome, the couple attended a therapy session where they tackled tough but important sticky points in their relationship. Everything from parenting styles to big family decisions were unpacked with nothing left off the table. And while it may have had its uncomfortable moments, the lovers came out even stronger on the other end and ready to take their challenges head on! 

It's ok to fight. It's a must to apologise.

If there's one couple that knows how to have a lovers tiff, it's the Mahlangus. But in town grown folk style, they never stay mad forever and no matter how heated the disagreement, they always find their way back to each other, ready to apologise and move on. If that's not a great lesson in proper adulting then we don't know what is!

Always chose either other!

Juggling life, a business and a family is never easy, more so when a large portion of your life is in the public eye. However come what may, Mo and Mome always make a choice to choose each other and put their relationship at the centre of their union. It's a decision that makes them a force to be recogned with and pretty much bulletproof. So the next time it gets a little rocky in loveville, remember to chose either other first!

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