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Mnakwethu Happily Ever After?


How it started vs How it’s going – Mnakwethu HEA

10 February 2021
What started off with hopes and promises is proving to be more difficult than the Mnakwethu polygamous couples had anticipated.
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When the husbands of Mnakwethu season 1 introduced their proposed second wives to their existing wives, they had many hopes and promises of building a successful polygamous marriage. However, manifesting those wishes is proving to more difficult as reality hits the couples in Mnakwethu Happily Ever After season 1. We take a closer look at how it all began and how it is going now.



How it started:

When Dulas introduced Zinhle to his wife MaDlamini, it was both tense and shocking. Zinhle showed little respect for MaDlamini and spoke out of turn when she insisted the first wife go back to Kwa-Zulu Natal to live with their children. Dulas did little to call Zinhle to order.

How it’s going:

It has come as a total surprise but MaDlamini and Zinhle are now on good terms. The pair have come together as the women in Dulas’ life. However, they now face a new challenge together of the new woman Dulas wants to bring into the marriage, MaShozi. Just like Zinhle in Mnakwethu season 1, Mashozi has little respect for Dulas’ wives, a bit of a hard and bitter pill for Zinhle to swallow, who says she is ending her relationship with him. MaDlamini has also decided to leave Dulas as she has grown tired of his disrespect and her family fully supports her.



How it started

Who could forget MaMthembu’s infamous “uFeelani emshadweni wam’!” when she was introduced to Samantha, the woman her husband wanted to marry. MaMthembu seemed to have grudgingly accepted Sam into her marriage but it was touch and go.

How it’s going

MaMthembu and Sam seem to have brokered some understanding are getting along. MaMthembu is one tough lady but it seems Sam has risen to the challenge to respect her. Samantha is also in initiation school which is making things both interesting and challenging.



How it started

Remember when Nginga’s first wife said she would accept the woman Nginga wanted to take as his second wife as long as it was not the woman he was already living with in Johannesburg?

How it’s going

Nginga is no longer with the woman he introduced his wife to in Makwethu season 1, he is now hoping to introduce the very woman she was against, …

Do you think … will accept …?



How it started

MaGuy had his first wife in tears when he introduced his lover of over a decade to her, in hoped of making her his second wife.

How it is going

MaGuy is yet to pay lobola for his second wife despite her pleads with him to. She also seems to be struggling to get quality time with him in Mnakwethu Happily Ever After, it seems everyone will have to be patient in building this polygamous family.


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