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Mnakwethu Happily Ever After?


FIVE reasons Mzansi viewers love MaMchunu – Mnakwethu HEA

24 March 2021
MaMchunu is the people’s favourite and we’ve got the scoop on why.
MaMchunu mnakwethuHEA

Who could forget MaMchunu’s electric introduction to our television screens on Mnakwethu season one when her husband, Qondanisa and Musa Mseleku tried to convince to agree to allowing her husband to take a second wife, Samantha.

Now on Mnakwethu Happily Ever After? Season one, it is MaMchunu;s electric personality and so much more that has stolen the hearts of Mzansi Magic viewers.

1. She is a princess… like seriously, she is Zulu royalty

It was revealed that MaMchunu is from a royal family when her husband was fined for making her fight about isithembu on television without the family’s knowledge.

2. She is body and confidencegoals

Mzansi peeps couldn’t help but notice how MaMchunu is body goals and has the clothes to boot!

3. She is smart

You might not have expected MaMchunu to be so level-headed after she nearly lost it with Samantha the first time they met. However, now she is not only cool, calm and collected but she is also the voice of reason in the new marriage her husband has created.

4. She is kind

Very few people would listen to their husband’s second-wife-to-be crying about the difficulties of her relationship with their shared husband, but not only did MaMchunu listen to Samantha, she also promised to speak to their husband for her and made good on her promise that same day.

5. She’s got respect and grace

Whether she is in her role as the royal princess or humble daughter-in-law or loud and fun MaMchunu in Johannesburg, she is down to earth and keeps it real.

Mzansi is here for MaMchunu and to see more of her, tune into #MnakwethuHEA every Wednesday at 20:00 on DStv channel 161 or stream it live on Showmax or binge all the episodes you’ve missed in the season on Showmax.